We come to you with very bad news. Toca has been caught in the big forest fire that has been raging over Monchique for the past week. Despite the amazing effort of those present at Toca during the fire, little to nothing has been left untouched by the flames. All of the work that has been put into Toca in the past 4 beautiful years has been undone in a matter of hours.

However, the huge family that has grown around Toca do Coelho is still as strong as ever. And with everyone’s help, love and positive energy we can rebuilt Toca once again! So to everyone who has ever experienced Toca’s magic, everyone who calls Toca their home away from home but also everyone who has never seen Toca but still wants to experience it’s magic, please help us out!
Together we can bring Toca back to life!

Please donate and share this message with people who you think might be able to donate, or come to Toca and help us clean up!


With a Swiss, Italian, Spanish, Belgian, Polish, German or Austrian bank account you can donate by clicking here:


To donate with Paypal click here:



Or you can make a donation by transferring money to the following account

NL05 BUNQ 2206 9296 19 in the name of D.T.C. Mani


If you want to come to Toca to help us out that’s also amazing! Please send an email to hoppingtotoca@gmail.com with your plans so we can inform you on the latest updates.

Toca has been hit by a forest fire