Why a fundraising?

Toca do Coelho is a place that lives on a minimum economy, everyone funds their own living, with a weekly contribution.

Thus to help us grow we are grateful for any & all donations, be that in the form of money, materials, time, knowledge or positive energies.

What will your donations aid?

We have many dreams & ideas of the ways Toca will continue to grow. In physical form this includes:

  • Building a green house
  • Extending our solar farm
  • Building an art studio
  • Setting up a recording studio
  • Mending the roof
  • Digging a lake

If you would like to donate some money toward these dreams you can find out on the Donate Money page.

Many tools & materials can also be difficult & expensive to source here in Portugal. If you have any tools, books, materials we would be very grateful, please send an email to hoppingtotoca@gmail.com to discuss.


Much Love & Many thanks!