If you would like to come visit us, we cannot wait to meet you! Please read more below about how your life at Toca will be & fill out our visitor form.

Please be aware that following the fire in 2018 we are yet to rebuild the main house. Due to this we can only offer camping facilities at this time.

We understand this is flexible but it really helps us to organise beds & space if you can give us an idea of how long you expect to stay.
Toca has limited parking so this helps us to organise our space.
Sofee and Rabbit still have some things in England and are looking for people traveling over from England in vehicles, we would love to hear if you have space to help us out <3
We have a limited number of beds, especially in the summer. We may ask you to bring a tent for your accommodation.
Are you a professional cook? Are you a permaculture guru? A building/construction hero? A sound technicus? A yoga teacher?
Building tools/materials, garden tools, books, art materials, fabrics, wood or anything else you think a community may need would be greatly appreciated.


• Visitor ->  Visitor for up to 3 months

– Pay’s €20 once a week (€3 a day)

– Do not get to make any long-term decision

– Here to learn, help, play and create

– Joins project days and sentimentos

– Helps with general upkeep of tasks

• Long-term visitors -> Visitor for 3 months or longer

– Pay’s €20 once a week for first 3 months, beyond 3 month will pay €15 once a week

– For visitors staying 3 months; can take up an organising role if needed. Anyone staying longer than 3 months is required to take on one of the project roles

– Joins working days, sentimentos and planning circle

• Rabbit Dwellers -> Rabbit Dwellers

– Pays €15 a week

– Joins working days, sentimentos and planning circle

– Has organising role

• Aspiring dwellers -> Long-term visitor

– After 3 months we will have the first check-in with you and Rabbit dwellers, to make sure everyone is happy.

– After 6 months a final check-in and decision will be made by all Rabbit dwellers; as to whether you will become a resident.

What happens to your dollar?

•€10 – For your weekly food

•€5 – For bulk monthly buy’s (Gas, grains, oil etc)

•€5 – Toward maintenance and future projects

How can I take on more responsibility?

Those living here full-time will already be responsible for many areas and will have roles in which they are taking on to help the community. If you are staying here more than 3 months, we ask that you take on one of these roles as to become part of the running of the project.

For those of you staying with us for less than 3 months, we would love for your help to support these roles by joining an area team and letting the creativity flow.

All roles and areas are written below.

Do you have skills and knowledge you wish to share?

If you have a skill or knowledge you wish to share we would love for you to put on a workshop. Please come and talk and lets make this happen.


• House Pixies

– Laundry

– Keeping guest rooms clean

– Keeping kitchen clean

– Keeping track of food supplies (bulk)

– Organising beds for guests

– Communicating with project organiser about house maintenance

• Garden Gnomes

– Community garden (annual)

– Forest (perennial)

– Nursery

– Animal care.

• Building Beavers

– Tool room keeper

– Project organiser

• Organisation Squirrels

– Overall Project organiser

– Finance keeper

– Host (checking email, and welcoming people)

• Toilet Skunks 

– Keeping the system working

WEEKLY SCHEDULE and general planning

• Afternoon before sentimentos.

(Long-term visitors and Rabbit dwellers planning circle; once a month extended)

– Important decisions

– Short-term visitors we not be involved in this circle.

– Long-term visitors can share their opinion and give advice. Rabbit dwellers will have final say.

– Extra meeting with Rabbit dwellers only to be called when long-term visitors request to become a resident. And when a resident feels it is necessary to have a residence meeting. A unanimous decision must be made by all Rabbit dwellers for a new   dweller to move in and become a resident.

• Sentimentos ->

– Everybody’s chance to share their feelings from the week just past.

– Organisation of weekly tasks

– Update of news from planning circle


• Project days -> 

2 days per-week dedicated to our project

– These are 2 days in which all visitor and dwellers work together



Monday – Sentimentos & meeting, cleaning, shopping

Tuesday – Project day

Wednesday – Project day




Sunday – Rest day, evening Tribe gathering

Yearly structure

– Option of calling a work month; this will be a month in which Toca will close its doors to short term visitors and we will invite a team of Rabbits to come and work for 1 month. The running of Toca will be as usual but with a full working week. This will be announced some time in the year as one is planned. If you wish to be involved in a work month please let us know.

– Option of calling a break from visitors; this will be a period of time, when announced; in which Toca will close its doors to all visitors. This is a chance for those living at Toca to recharge and connect with our Rabbit dwellers.

We hope that this information has helped you to understand our little project up a hill, and that it has sparked excitement for your time here with us. If you have any questions left unanswered, just ask 🙂

With Love from each and every Rabbit…far and wide x