Our ethos

Toca do Coelho is a open community where we strive to live a shared vision of creativity and sustainability. We believe that the way to realise the seemingly endless utopian dreams of humanity is through exploration of the creative potential within us all. We wish to create a place in which this creative potential can be given the true freedom of discovery. We want to live in a community that functions as a tribe, a group of humans that is so close we love and accommodate each ones creative flame.

Our collective vision

We will facilitate this community through a permaculture/agroforestry system, a holistic system that takes into account all elements of the whole. We believe that through proper management of resources we can provide the basic needs of shelter, food, water, energy and community for either free or the bare minimal cost, so as best to provide time and energy for people to be able to explore themselves and their bigger goals in life. We see ourselves as small waves in a big social movement, living our lives in a way that makes sense to ourselves as part of an ecosystem, but that also strives to create an easy to follow system for other people. We always try to be aware of our individual actions and see how it affects the living world around us.

We also feel strongly that Toca’s land is a place free from becoming any form of business for self-gain. Every seed grown, any money made from the land is energy that will be fed back into the community.

Where we are now

Toca do Coelho is still in its seedling form. We are working from the ground up, looking after the soil, planting baby trees, building new facilities, creating a platform for the community to grow and evolve to its best potential.

The structure in which we are currently living to enable us to achieve our collective dream, involves the help from everyone who visits. This is the structure we have put in place;-

What is your involvement?

We are an open community; whether you are here for one day, 6 months or living here full-time, how we interact with each other shapes the environment that is Toca do Coelho.

When you stay here with us you become part of the community, it is important for us to have times in which we work together as a team/family; this keeps us connected and helps the project to move forward. We do this with 2 project working days a week.

We also have one morning dedicated for a talking circle (Sentimentos), in which we can express how we are feeling individually that week; this gives the opportunity for us to share and help each other on our individual journeys.

A big part of our interaction as a community is to eat together, this not only helps with food management but it also plays a huge part in building a connection as a community, to relax and enjoy the warmth of food together.

We live as a community to grow as an individual.