Check out our diverse teams working hard to realize the farm and the festival! Feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining one of our teams, have tips, tricks or questions.


Team permaculture and gardening

The permaculture and gardening team has the responsibility to turn a neglected, dry and possibly degraded land into a natural food producing system that has little to no impact on nature except increased biodiversity and a growing living soil.

While building and forming the needed systems and structures  we will learn and experience every detail of this land. With this knowledge we can build further, innovate, develop new goals and ideas and share our successes and failures with the world.

Eternal happiness and love!


Team programming

Team programming will take care of everyone who wants to perform or participate with acts, music, workshops or interactive games at our festival.

We stay in touch with all the performers and we offer support where needed; with materials, equipment, knowledge and our network. For us the most important thing is that the programm of the festival will be magnificant and every performer is as happy as we are! This includes of course support during the festival, and aftercare.

For everyone who has a talent or ‘superpower’ that he or she wants to share on the festival, we have special ‘open spaces’ that we are gonna create for you!

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, Merel is the one who is very happy to respond or get an email from you:


Team PR

The PR team seeks to spread the love for Toca do Coelho by reaching out to like-minded spirits around the globe!

We take care of the website, Facebook page and blog, where we regularly post the latest news and other updates. Are you interested in the big events and small victories, practical information and funny facts, nice pics or crazy stories? We’ll make sure you won’t be missing out!

If you would like to share your question or story contact us at:


Team decoration

Do you want your creative to flow freely and make the farm and the festival as pretty as can be? How about a forest of poems, a thousand-and-one-nights sunshade and hammocks made of eucalyptustrees?!

JOIN US and decorate Toca Do Coelho and Saudade with found, given and natural materials!


Team cooking

To build a community from scratch you need a clear mind, a sound body and a full tummy.

Every day, the cooking team prepares filling, gullible meals for our buoyant artists, broad builders, irrigration heroes, garden whisperers, delirious dancers and marvelous musicians. Our responsibility during the festival is to keep all you 200 wayfarers well fed and well hydrated under the heat of the Portuguese sun. In order to nourish the festival sustainably we connect to and buy from local farmers as much as possible. By using regional products we not only support the local economy and community, but we also make sure you get a culinary taste of the amazing Portuguese spirit. A happy body is a happy soul!

Contact us at: &


Team irrigation

Once there were many  blooming fruit trees on the terraces of Toca Do Coelho. They were provided with fresh water coming down through hoses from a spring just uphill of the house. Now, because of intensive eucalyptus farming, the spring does not give plenty water anymore, the land is sucked dry and can (probably) hold less water. To reverse this process we will have to regenerate the soil, use the water available in the most efficient way and think of clever little ways to harvest additional water. The task of team irrigation is to make this happen.

Would you like to contribute? Do you  have tips or questions? Contact us at

Team outreach and communication 

Team outreach and communication will extend it´s arms and reach out to the people who will get in touch with toca do coelho and the festival.

These people inlcude local farmers, WWOOF farms, our neighbours, the performing artists of the festival and other people
participating or involved in the project. We will approach them with a personal message in which we explain our relation to them and elaborate more on our idealistic initiative. It is important for us that we express our intentions so that everyone can be able to get a better understanding of our cause and may some day be able to contribute in manifesting our dreams.