Some practical stuff about facilities and safety:

Expect a one-star-camping: which means, we have a beautiful piece of land We are pretty much of the grid. We are going to work with a lot of enthousiasm and energy with our Coelho family to lay down the basis for water, irrigation & electricity systems. But don’t expect a daily shower during the festival and no electricity to charge up your phones or laptops (you don’t need them anyway ;))

We also would like to draw your attention to the following: since the whole area is pretty dry the risk of forest fires is high. This means: no campfires at the festival, no fire poi or fire hoelahoep, and we ask you not to throw away your cigarette butts on the ground. – This festival is a collaberative effort. So during the festival, we kindly ask you all to help out with doing the dishes, cooking or helping out with random chores. – We are going to leave no trace, and we will make this piece of land more beautiful! So please take care of your trash during the festival.