Because he sort of is TOCA DO COELHO’s 10513515_10152994204913356_6722113572501209489_n godfather after all, the first KONIJN of the week is our OPPERKONIJN Joey!

Curled up in the plantable willow home at Café de Ceuvel, he tells the magical story of Toca do Coelho. Or, better said, his magical vision. The land where his father once resorted has been abandoned for a few years now, and is rundown and overgrown. But magic is about to happen, in less than a week from now…

Then, KONIJN will repopulate the abandoned land and start clearing the brambles, improve the soil, and create a good foundation for the farm and the festival.

The idea for Toca do Coelho was born during what must have been Joey’s 5th or 6th Christmas dinner last December. When he was telling Chandar – one of the key figures behind the KONIJN collective- about the land, they soon saw the possibilities to create something there together. “And it’s amazing how much the movement has grown since we started to do the meetings at de Ceuvel”, Joey says. He is one of the progressive entrepreneurs of this new and already booming, (self)sustainable café in Amsterdam Noord, and his enthusiasm for both projects seems to be contagious. “Everyone brings in their own expertise and experience, and it is unbelievable to see how much knowledge we have together as a group”.

“What I love about Toca de Coelho is that it is about experimenting, learning; the process. Trying new things, by trial and error; we are absolutely free to do what we want”. He is especially looking forward to share the beauty of the land with likeminded people and to create an inspiring, vibrant place that is inhabited all year round. “Because then, you can really do something. I remember walking into the sunny garden in the morning, and picking all the fresh fruit you could possibly wish for breakfast. I can’t wait to go rebuild that place again. And, of course, to just have a great time together!”

Next week’s KONIJN: Chandar! So stay tuned!

KONIJN of the week: Joey!