Last week Harmke sent us an awesome, elaborate email, filled with beautiful stories about Toca do Coelho and life on the farm. She, Dan, Callum, a guy named ‘Rabbit’ (for real!) and other guests, friends, and random wanderers have been working very hard on different projects in and around the house, making it even more magical and sustainable than it already is.

Wally explained how the woodstove outside double functions as a heater, with his help they will be able to warm up the house for more than 24 hours without having to add any more wood! Even though the pool has been connected to the irrigation system of the lower terraces, the recent slew of showers has amply quenched the land’s thirst and has turned the dusty hills lusciously green in only a matter of days. No irrigation needed! The coming of the rain also revealed some serious leaks in the roof, most of which have now been fixed by Callum-the-magnificent. On the higher terraces, close to the sun, our bunnies dug a fertilized vegetable patch on which lettuce, potatoes, onions, and carrots now get a chance to grow big and beautiful. Take a look below at the first harvested radish!


Next to working hard there has been plenty of opportunity to play and create. Harmke told us about taking a hot bath in the rain in a scavenged and fixed up tub, playing chess with their home-made board and pieces, cooking delicious dinners on a barbeque made out of an old fish tank, and dancing and jamming under the starry sky. They are definitely keeping up and nurturing the bewitching beauty of Toca do Coelho: we all wish we could join right now!

Fabulous Farm Life